dalgona candy recipe

How to Make Dalgona Candy at home

The Squid Game premiered on Netflix on September 17. In the first month, the South Korean show was watched by 111 million people, and Kinopoisk reports that the series had the best start in the history of the streaming service.

According to the story, due to the need for money, hundreds of people accept a strange invitation to participate in a children’s game that is popular in South Korea. But later it turns out that the participants were on a survival quest. The plot of the series is reminiscent of the Hunger Games trilogy starring Jennifer Lawrence.

In the third episode, the participants were each given a needle and a box of Dalgona candy, a traditional South Korean sweet that is also called sugar honeycomb in the game. Each candy is engraved with a figure: a circle, a triangle, a star and an umbrella, which players must cut with a needle without breaking the structure itself. The one whose figure cracks is out.

Even those who don’t have a Netflix subscription have probably heard about The Squid Game: since the beginning of October, excerpts from the series began to appear in the TikTok feed, and later the challenge started. During the Dalgona Candy Challenge, social media users themselves try to cope with the task from the third series and cut a figure out of sweets: some use a needle for this, others melt the outline of the figure with a lighter, and someone licks it.

How to Make Dalgona Candy honeycomb

We talked to Duo Coffee & Bistro pastry chef Anton Ananin and learned how to make Dalgona Candy honeycombs from the Squid Game series.

Dalgona candy Recipe

from Duo Coffee & Bistro Pastry Chef Anton Ananyin


Sugar – 100 g

Baking powder – 10 g

Spice to taste (cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ground black pepper) – 1-2 g each

Cooking method

Melt the sugar in a frying pan or saucepan until caramelized. Then add baking powder and spices, and mix well with a spoon until a thick orange paste forms.

Pour the mass onto a parchment or silicone sheet, and press it so that you get a flat candy. Then we print any drawing by cutting; the edges can be carefully removed with a toothpick. We are waiting for cooling.

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