How to know how many pixels my cell phone camera has

Taking pictures is all good, right? With your cell phone, this is even easier! Just take it out of your pocket and start recording amazing things out there. But, maybe you have a question: “Lu, how do I know how many pixels my cell phone camera has?”

You know, there are a few ways you can check the number of pixels on your camera, see? Come with me and I’ll show you how down here!

Through the Internet
One of the easiest ways is by entering the cell phone brand website! Just see the model of your device by the box, enter the site and search for the model. All brands have a very special section about the camera, showing the pixels of each brand. Easy to find out, right?

Do you like math? You can know the amount of pixel using the image size, see? When you enter your phone’s gallery, you can see the details of the photo, especially its size. Then just make a container!

For example: multiply an image with 2160×3840 pixels. In this case, the result is 8,294,400, but the pixels are always rounded, so the lens used is 8 pixels. Pretty easy, right?

Finally, directly from your camera app, you can see the pixels of the main camera, you know? Take a look at how to find it:

Open your phone’s camera app;

Access the more information icon, it can be three dots or three risks, or “More”;

There you can see the number of pixels of the main camera.

Share this text with your friends who love to photograph on their cell phones and see you soon with more curiosities!

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