CRM Integration with WhatsApp Business API: 5 Benefits

CRM Integration with WhatsApp Business API: 5 Benefits

CRM Integration: 63% of consumers, according to a study, support firms that utilise text messaging as a way of contact.

We all want things to be easier and quicker in today’s digital age. We especially want our communication to be swift and digital.

Utilizing applications like WhatsApp is one of the most utilised strategies to communicate swiftly and easily online.

With messaging tools like WhatsApp, you may rapidly contact anybody in the entire globe. WhatsApp is so extensively used because it is so convenient.

Companies have begun growing and producing leads via WhatsApp as a consequence of updates and developments.

Assume you are a business owner who has lately started employing WhatsApp for your firm.

One of the most extensively used messaging systems for both personal and business purposes is WhatsApp.

There are two separate WhatsApp business accounts.

  1. WhatsApp for Business
  2. WhatsApp Enterprise API

For small enterprises with one to six workers, few customer queries, and a requirement for only one or two agents, a WhatsApp Business App Account is most beneficial.

The WhatsApp Business API is great for medium-sized and huge enterprises with more than 11 workers that consistently receive a lot of queries from leads, customers, or prospects.

Some firms pick the WhatsApp Business App over the WhatsApp Business API as it is free and straightforward to set up.

Yet, if a firm has more than 11 staff, and many users, or desires to generate unique message templates, it will not perform.

The WhatsApp Business API gives a comparative advantage in this area.

WhatsApp CRM: What is it?

WhatsApp became immensely well-known over time and offered us access to free messaging services. In actuality, WhatsApp is utilised monthly by more than two billion users across 180 countries.

Companies soon understood WhatsApp’s immense advantages and opportunities as a consequence of its vast reach.

Company owners began employing WhatsApp as a tool for their operations after initially reaching out to customers via their accounts.

Yet, there were additional limits that corporations had to contend with, such as:

  1. They were unable to address many clients at once using one account.
  2. No pre-written responses or rapid replies to send to several clients at once
  3. The lead information was not clear.
  4. Having trouble finding contacts or archived messages
  5. Companies were only permitted to provide a certain amount of information about their company on the profile.

Owing to these constraints, Facebook launched the WhatsApp Business Application.

Owing to the API’s architecture, companies still had problems communicating with multiple customers. CRM systems came into play in this era.

The abovementioned concerns were handled by enterprises owing to WhatsApp’s connection with CRM solutions.

Additionally, firms utilising WhatsApp CRM may send and receive messages to numerous customers via WhatsApp.

Why is WhatsApp CRM integration crucial?

As you have now observed, a CRM WhatsApp connection allows business owners to interact with numerous customers concurrently.

As a consequence, you may utilise your CRM system to deliver direct messages to numerous customers at once. You should connect WhatsApp with a CRM system for various reasons.

First off, integrating WhatsApp CRM allows two-way communication between your organisation and customers.

You may share a range of multimedia materials to any customer-facing concerns utilising this manner.

Additionally, a CRM system considerably decreases the administrative strain on your sales reps. They are more productive and perform more successfully owing to this strategy.

Overall, CRM WhatsApp integration enhances customer service, increases client retention, and eventually accelerates company growth.

5 Things to Consider Before Connecting WhatsApp with CRM

1) Entering API numbers for WhatsApp

Establishing a WhatsApp API account is the first step in setting up WhatsApp integration with a CRM system.

You must own the phone number you use for this account and it must be in good standing. Additionally, you must confirm that this phone number may receive voice calls or SMS messages.

You may switch this number to the API with simplicity if you use WhatsApp Business and are upgrading to an API.

However, you will have to delete the WhatsApp Business account. Nonetheless, you cannot use the same phone number for more than one WhatsApp account.

2. Messaging Limitations

Integration of WhatsApp CRM is surely an effective marketing tactic. Many customers may be messaged at once with simplicity.

In the business world, there aren’t many shortcuts, however.

WhatsApp has strict rules for bulk marketing. This suggests that only an opt-in option will enable you to communicate with a customer.

Transactional messages may be distributed to customers under WhatsApp policy.

Airlines that offer passengers flight information, and e-commerce sites that provide shipment updates or refund confirmations are examples of transactional communications.

WhatsApp specifically specifies, however, that no bulk commercial messages are authorised.

3. According to Data Privacy Laws

The potential to execute a top-notch customer support service is one of the advantages of combining WhatsApp with CRM.

This is so that several salespeople may utilise a shared messaging inbox made possible by a WhatsApp CRM connection.

Yet, considering the sensitivity of the user data, this may present security difficulties.

As a consequence, it is your obligation as the firm owner to acquire authorizations for the “gathering, use, and sharing” of customer data.

Consumers cannot be questioned about their personal or financial information or their health.

Data belonging to one customer cannot be shared with another. When connecting WhatsApp with a CRM system, you must carefully evaluate WhatsApp’s business rules.

4. CRM for WhatsApp Integration Selection

This is perhaps the most critical item to take into mind when connecting a CRM system with WhatsApp.

Your chosen CRM system needs to perform effectively with your organisation and be a perfect match for Whatsapp Website Integration.

The good news is that WhatsApp can be integrated with the majority of CRMs now on the market.

Even if there are numerous CRMs out there, they all offer comparable advantages when connected with WhatsApp.

5. Use of the WhatsApp Business API

There is another necessity for a WhatsApp CRM connection in addition to picking the proper CRM for your organisation.

Can you figure it out? WhatsApp Business API is the answer.

You may select from these two solutions as well as Facebook just published the WhatsApp Cloud API.

You must have your account authorised to utilise the WhatsApp Cloud API or the WhatsApp Business API. You cannot access these APIs until your account has been approved.

In the past, organisations engaged Business Solutions Providers (BSPs) to approve their accounts. Nonetheless, since Facebook now directly accepts your accounts, it is no longer needed.

Wrapping Up:

Whether your business is a major multinational or an SME, it would be a good idea to incorporate WhatsApp CRM.

A WhatsApp CRM integration is a practical method to develop your business. It not only makes it possible for you to deliver better customer service, but it also enhances the complete client experience.

Additionally, it helps the customer communications efforts of your firm.

It makes sense to consider CRM integration with WhatsApp for all of the reasons outlined above and more. You may take the first step towards developing a fantastic company with simply this one.

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